What is an air starter?

Air starter motors provide a safe and reliable alternative for the starting of diesel & gas engines.

Unlike electric starters which potentially create sparks and require expensive, and sometimes unreliable batteries, air starters are powered by compressed air (pneumatics) - providing a completely safe and reliable energy source while totally eliminating all possibilities of electrical ignition.


By ingenious design, benefits of Austart air starters over electrical starting systems include:

  • Higher cranking torque
  • Extended cranking periods
  • No batteries are required
  • Faster, more reliable starting
  • Prolonged operating life
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Longer service intervals
  • Immunity to dusty environments
  • Immunity to extremely high or low temperatures
  • No need for special tools when servicing

The Austart advantage:

  • Largest product range
  • Professionally trained staff
  • No engine too large or too small
  • Immediate dispatch of popular models and spare parts
  • Compressed air supply may be as low as 30psi
  • Fewest moving parts
  • Full metal construction
  • Specialised coatings used to avoid corrosion
  • Most parts are interchangeable between models
  • Various control options eg. Manual or Solenoid operated
  • Band clamps allow full 360 degree rotation of inlet for simplistic installation
  • 3-stage single turbine design
  • ATEX certification
  • Integrated or remote mount Relay Valve options
  • Patented designs

Every Austart air starter is guaranteed to produce safe, reliable starting with longevity.

Air starters come in many configurations for a variety of applications and fitment objectives.

  • Turbine/Vane motor options
  • Nosecone or overhung pinions
  • Beryllium Copper Bronze (BCB) non sparking pinions available
  • Clockwise/Counter clockwise rotation
  • Pre-engaged or inertia engagement options
  • U shaped models available for limited space applications

All are available within the Austart range. Please refer to our extensive list of engine brands and models fitted, in our ‘Products’ page, or click here. Should your engine not be listed, or you have a customised objective, we’ll have a purpose-built unit manufactured and dispatched to you promptly.