Austart Supporting AUS & US Defence

Posted on April 20, 2022

Our Austart ATS53 Air starter fitted to Hatz Diesel engine, starting Holmwood Highgate Aust Pty Ltd remote Re-fuelling units.

The US Navy, & Coast guard also rely on our air starters on various vessels, and engine applications.

When reliability and safety are the priority, Austart gets the call.

Size & Weight do matter

Everyone is asking, what's the difference? It's just an air start right?

No, it's about:
- Safety for your staff, and crew
- Ability to repair and service with generic tooling
- 360-degree rotation of inlet for application ease
- Stronger materials, that are substantially less weight
- Certainty with starting, every time
- Lube less Turbine design
- Stock holding for quick dispatch
- All components manufactured in Australia
- Genuine parts
- Highest ATEX certification in the World
- Low-pressure options
- Interchangeable parts between certain models
- Less corrosive than other manufacturers in moist conditions

It's never about money when you make the correct choice.

Factory fixed price servicing is our thing, and we are here for you!
New or recondition starters are ready to be sent, always!
We understand that our customer's number one priority is getting their engine started.
That's why we have starters in stock, ready for same-day dispatch.
Need stock on your shelf, send us your cores, and we can help you!
All Air starter servicing is conducted in a dedicated clean room, by trained Industry professionals.

Premium dealer highlight
Bow 2 Stern Services, Inc. is an Austart Premium Dealer at 119 Capital Blvd, Houma, Louisiana.
For over 15 years Bow 2 Stern Services Inc has supplied the North American marine industry with our highly engineered air starters.
Bow 2 Stern is a highly stocked facility with trained industry professionals to help you with your air starting application needs.
Give them a call on (985) 876-9915, or visit their website at

Don’t wait 6 weeks, we have it NOW!

Having supply issues, can’t get stock for up to 6 weeks, sick of your customers calling asking when they can get their engine started?
We hold stock on hand for potential same day dispatch when paid