Unlimited Capacity

Small capacity engines are regularly overlooked – but shouldn’t be – as they’re equally dangerous in volatile environments without Austart starters.

Our dedication to small or large capacity engines is unparalleled in our industry. 

No engine is too large or too small.


The extensive listing of engines we support with starting equipment is ever-increasing - along with our model selection and stocked products. Please refer to our engine/starter/service kit catalogue (click here). If your engine isn’t included, due to decades of starter application experience, we will have a customised starter designed, produced and dispatched to you promptly. Even for those one-off applications.

Austart has a long history in the design of starting solutions for some of the most stringent applications. These include:

  • Re-fuelling pumps for Military applications.
  • Underground coal mining equipment.
  • Fire Pumps for use on offshore Oil & Gas platforms.
  • Flood Pumps for Navy applications.
  • Re-fuelling pumps for the aviation industry.
  • Hot engine test benches.
  • Kelly Spinner drive applications.
  • Chemical dosing pumps.
  • Winch drives.
  • Post and Pre Lube pumps.
  • Remote bayonet mounting applications.