What makes an air starter essential?

Austart air starting provides the safest and most reliable engine starting solutions in the world.

Australia is synonymous with high quality manufacturing and none more than Austart, where each component is designed, manufactured and assembled at our world class facility in Melbourne to meet the highest standards.


With vast engineering experience, a history of supplying OEM customers and outlasting our competitors in the harshest of environments, you are assured that Austart will solve your engine starting objectives.

Put simply, whenever a diesel or gas fueled engine operates in or around hazardous fumes, air starters are the first must-have appointment to ensure a safe workplace. On top of this air start systems offer benefits over other starting options such as total reliability in the most extreme conditions and temperatures.

You may not have encountered the devastation of an explosion yet, but ignoring the possibility or betting against it is no defence. Can you afford to be wrong – even once? A resounding “NO” must be the logical and moral answer. Air start systems are the first line of protection for your staff and assets.

Exploration and production in oil & gas fields, along with drilling and mining sites are standout industries for Austart air starters; whereas less-obvious applications include maritime, road haulage, heavy vehicle and warehousing.

Machinery must be safe and reliable. By investing in Austart, you can be satisfied that your new air starters are safe for use in zoned hazardous environments. Unlike inferior options, Austart products are backed up by the internationally regarded ATEX compliance and certification. You’ll also benefit from our patented designs incorporating the fewest moving parts and “friction-free” features – eliminating need of lubrication while providing longevity, reliability and extended service intervals. Fully constructed in high-grade metals, whether operating in sub-zero ice fields of minus 50°C, or searing desert heat of plus 55°C – and anywhere between, Austart starters are totally dependable. When service parts are required, they’re always available because we manufacture and warehouse them. We also offer a complete unit exchange program on the most popular models for the fastest-possible service.

Small capacity engines are regularly overlooked – but shouldn’t be – they’re as equally dangerous in volatile environments without Austart starters. Our dedication to small or large capacity engines is unparalleled in our industry. No engine is too large or too small.

The extensive listing of engines we support with starting equipment is increasing along with our model selection and stocked products for immediate dispatch. Please refer to our engine/starter/service kit catalogue. If your engine isn’t included, due to decades of starter application experience, we will have a customised starter designed, produced and dispatched to you promptly. Even for those one-off applications.

A non-starting or dangerous engine often equates to enormously expensive downtime. Understanding the urgency, we deliberately maintain high stock levels of common Austart models for immediate dispatch.

Air starters are what we specialise in – and we do it very well. From design, production, assembly and testing – all in one world class facility, you’re assured of the best possible advice, service, products and worldwide after sales support.

You’ll soon identify our pride-of-work in every phase, which translates into distinguishable craftsmanship in each and every Austart Zone compliant and ATEX certified product.

Our clientele enjoy peace-of-mind with all of our products, our worldwide distribution and support network.

No starting problem is too difficult. No quantity or engine too large, or too small. Whatever your starting dilemma, every start should be an Austart.

We welcome any enquiry for assistance with starting problems. Call or email today and we’ll deliver the essential solution.

Essential for:

  • Mining
  • Exploration
  • Maritime
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Oil & Gas
  • Warehousing