About Us

Austart’s strength is its people. We’ve been manufacturing the highest quality air starters for over 30-years – with our core staff operating as a cohesive unit throughout this time. Their high-standards, expertise and experience flow through each department and remain the guiding force for the entire operation.


Add our long history of dedication to customer satisfaction and our clientele soon identify our credible knowledge of their particular industry and what’s required to deliver safe, reliable engine starting with minimal downtime.

Whichever continent you’re operating in; Europe, the Americas, Asia or Australia, our offices have been strategically placed so that multiple offices are open on most occasions. Your facility may not store complete replacement units or spare parts – but we do – and will correctly identify and dispatch them with the utmost urgency.

Every facet of research and development, design, machining, production, assembly, dynamometer testing and warehousing is conducted in one ultra-modern, high-tech facility. This enables tight cohesive interaction between all departments. Department heads unite at the initial planning meeting and freely compute the factual timeline to deliver the optimal result for each project. They maintain communications throughout the design, production and testing processes.

Close tolerances are amongst the many prerequisites for a successful air starter. A successful design is fruitless without precision machining capabilities to manufacture every detail with total accuracy in each and every part. For this phase, we continue to choose the world leader in Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) lathes and milling machinery – Okuma. Maintaining our status as a world class facility, our recent acquisitions include two Okuma twin spindle lathes fitted with an Overhead Gantry Loader (OGL) to expand our automation and unlimited-volume capabilities. Lacking our capabilities is proving to be the downfall of cheaper alternative air starters.

Quality Assurance

Austart air starters are manufactured under the strict world recognised ISO 9001 Quality Management System. All our staff are involved in the quality process; from raw material procurement through to dispatch of the final, fully-tested products. This ensures every product exceeds our customer’s needs, plus continual improvement and full traceability is met. For details on these benchmark standards, please visit our accreditations page, or click here.

Validating our capabilities

To the uninitiated an air starter can easily be compared to the common battery-operated electrical starter used in cars, motorbikes and the like. In fact, our turbine air starters are more comparable to aeroplane jet engines. In presenting an easily identifiable validation of our capabilities, Austart reengineered the 1948 Vincent motorcycle, which originally produced 45 horsepower – making it the world’s most powerful production motorcycle at the time.

Austart’s version, branded the ‘Irving Vincent’, produces 165 horsepower, (using the same external crankcase and barrel dimensions) and proves its performance and reliability with internationally recognised race wins; including the world-renowned Daytona, USA “Battle of the Twins” against then (2008) current Ducati and Japanese models – and England’s prestigious Goodwood Revival in 2014. These admired achievements were accomplished at their first attempt, making these results even more awe-inspiring. For more information on the Irving Vincent click here.