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Austart Turbine Starters

As the name correctly identifies, the driving mechanism is a specially designed 3-stage high speed turbine wheel with aerodynamic braking. The rotating energy is transferred through a series of reduction gears providing the necessary torque and speed to accommodate the particular engine’s specifications.

Austart single turbine starters are as powerful as the competitors’ twin turbine models – with the benefits of requiring less air pressure, having fewer moving parts, being more compact and less expensive when servicing and reconditioning.

Austart turbine starters feature full 360-degree indexation of the inlet port which was another industry first, allowing fitment to a far greater array of engines – and easier installation.

Additional benefits of the Austart turbine air starter include: fewer moving parts, non-contact turbine wheel, frictionless movements, self-governing speed control, optimised planetary gearing, true lube free operation, ATEX certified models and extended service intervals.

The Austart turbine range is the most technically-advanced starter available in the world today.

Austart Vane Starters

The designation is derived from the driving mechanism being a series of vanes which direct airflow to drive a rotor which in turn provides the necessary torque and speed to accommodate the particular engine’s specifications.

Vane starters are unmatched in applications where limited space or contorted fitment has to be addressed. Z and U shape configurations, along with an array of flange and pinion options enable fitment where no other air starter can accommodate.

Both lube-less and lubricated motor options are available, but decided upon with consideration toward the intended application.

As with all Austart fitments, it’s vital that you divulge all you can about your intended usage, enabling us to supply the ideal solution for your particular objectives.

Kineteco Spring Starters

Being totally independent to energy storage systems and the associated costs, spring starters combine the dependability of hand winding with a powerful spring mechanism. Operation is simple and with a spring starter fitted to your engine, it only takes a few moments to kick your diesel engine into life. Hand starting is no longer an all or nothing effort, because the winding is separated from the cranking. You just wind steadily until enough energy is stored in the spring, the starter is tripped to release the stored energy, and off you go. No sharp pull. No yanking. No sweat! Just smooth, steady and easy starting, even when powering up a big generator.

Spring starters use disc springs on a ball screw wound by a detachable handle. The stored energy is set and tripped by hand. This starter range covers engines up to a maximum of 6 cylinders of up to 1.25 litres per cylinder. Both standard and high torque models are available in many different flange and pinion options to suit specific applications. Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation options are available as well as Marinised models.

Hydraulic Start Systems

Hydraulic cranking systems operate on the principle of oil under pressure turning a fluid power motor to produce mechanical energy. The oil is stored under high-pressure in hydro pneumatic piston accumulators and released to the hydraulic cranking motor through a directional control valve, either manually or electrically actuated.

The high-pressure oil enters the cranking motor through the inlet port and directed against a series of free pistons within the steel rotor assembly, which is splined to the drive shaft. When the pistons receive the pressurised oil, they move forward against the inclined thrust bearing, causing rotation of the rotor.

The driveshaft carries the Bendix drive, which is engaged with the engine ring gear. The oil is returned to the system reservoir through the outlet port of the Hydrotor motor.

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