ATS83 & 84


ATS83 & 84 - For Diesel applications 14-30 Litres (Available with ATEX Certification)


The ATS83 & 84 series is suitable for larger engines and is commonly used in ‘on highway’ trucks. The Marine industry also frequently utilise this series of air starter for reliability and adaptability.

Key features


35.3 lb (16 kg)


26 hp (19.1 kW)


130 ft lb (176.3 Nm)


6 scfs (170 I\s)


4000 RPM

Noise Level

100 dBa

By ingenious design, benifits of Austart turbine starters include:

  • No lubrication required

  • Higher cranking torque

  • Extended cranking periods

  • Faster, more reliable starting

  • 3 stage self governed turbine wheel

  • Corrosion resistant coatings

  • 360 degree indexation of the inlet port

  • Fewer moving parts

  • Longer service intervals

  • Immunity to dusty environments

  • Immunity to extremely high or low temperatures

  • No need for special tools when servicing

  • No batteries are required

Air starters come in many configurations for a variety of applications and fitment objectives.

  • Nosecone or overhung pinions

  • Berrylium Copper Bronze (BCB) non sparking pinions available

  • Clockwise or Counter clockwise rotation

  • Pre-engaged or inertia engagement options

  • Z shaped models available for limited space applications

  • Mounting flange and pinion options available to suit most engines

Ats 83 and ar100m schematic
Ats83 general arrangement